Diseases seen during pregnancy

Diseases seen during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, hormonal balance, body system is a change
This is the period. For this reason, more sensitivity in the general situation of mothers
and some expectant mothers have some health problems.

Diseases seen during pregnancy

One of the most common diseases of pregnancy flu Is discomfort.

Influenza infections usually occur during the winter months of pregnancy.
one of the problems of mothers. Not being caught is the most important point here.
Flu infections last longer in mothers than in normal individuals
It happens. This is because the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy.
If you have caught influenza; If you have a long-term cough, your fever
38 degrees and if you have complaints such as headache
you should consult your doctor immediately.

Another disease of pregnancy; get-standing
numbness and leg pain
d. This disease is usually the last period of pregnancy
weeks of birth, or even 1 month after birth can be seen. This
high-heeled shoes should be avoided in the disease. If this
If the numbness increases, you should see your physical therapy doctor.

a period of pregnancy
is another disease. Being the most common disease during pregnancy
together, may even cause premature labor. Urinary tract infection
living mothers should consume plenty of water and go to the toilet frequently. This disease
it can even cause inflammation in the kidneys when it is carried forward. This
So much attention should be paid.

Another disease seen during pregnancy; urinary incontinence. During pregnancy and
especially in the last 12 weeks, the pressure on the urinary bladder with the enlargement of the uterus
the line is in phases. When pressure increase occurs, such as cough, sneeze
during the actions of the mother may miss urine. In this case, kegel exercise
Doing so may reduce the incidence of urinary incontinence.

Another disorder seen in mothers during this period; hemorrhoids. In general, this disease is caused by breech pain or blood
manifests itself. Factors causing hemorrhoids are; overweight,
persistent constipation or hereditary. Hemorrhoids formation during pregnancy
the main reason; veins in the mother's tummy
With the growth of printing on the makata is stopped. Hemorrhoids disease
To reduce, it is often recommended to sit in warm water. If pregnancy
If blood comes from your anus due to hemorrhoid problem,
you should consult a specialist without losing weight.

Diseases seen in pregnancy are common, and almost everyone experiences it.
Consider. If your complaints force you and become persistent
you should see your doctor.

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