Laparoscopic surgery of endometriosis cyst

Laparoscopic surgery of endometriosis cyst

Endometriosis cysts are surgically removed because they cause infertility and carry a risk of cancer. Nowadays, removal of these cysts is performed laparoscopically through three 5mm holes in the belly and lower abdomen.

Ovarian cysts are one of the common problems threatening women's health. Cysts that can occur in any age group can be diagnosed even in unborn babies. The frequency of cysts, which can be varied, varies according to the age at which they are seen. Functional cysts, a form of ovarian cysts, are frequently seen, especially in reproductive age women.

Eggs that are thrown every month cannot be thrown out when they are not well cracked or when the cracking process is not fully realized. The non-disposable follicle is bleeding and some fluid accumulates. As a result, many women develop a functional cyst of about 2.5 cm before each menstrual period. However, these cysts disappear as a new egg begins to develop with the new menstrual period.

Treatment is shaped by age

However, the cysts appearing at younger ages are evaluated even if the size is larger and the structure and ultrasound appearance of the cyst is evaluated. Asserting that one of the important criteria in evaluating ovarian cysts is the level of effect on the quality of life of the patient. Dr. Fatih Güçer explains:
“We refer to this patient especially if surgery is a cyst called solit which contains some formations other than liquid. But if it is a simple 5 cm cyst, if there is no tumoral protrusion, a papillary structure or a solit area, we call the patient again after a menstrual period and see if the cyst has disappeared. If the cyst disappears, the problem disappears, but if the cyst does not disappear, on the contrary, the situation is re-evaluated. ”

Why do cysts occur?

Apart from dermoid cysts, endometriosis cysts are one of the most common cysts especially in reproductive ages. Assoc. Dr. Fatih Güçer explains the following about the formation of endometriosis cysts in society:
End The endometrial layer that surrounds the uterus should not normally be located outside the uterus, but can be defined as being outside the uterus. Most commonly seen in the ovary. Endometriosis tissue in the ovary can cause fluid accumulation and cyst formation. Most of these patients reach us with complaints of lower abdominal and groin pain, pain before and during menstruation and pain during sexual intercourse. ”

Assoc. Dr. According to Güçer, not all cysts are operated on, but they can be observed. However, four out of ten patients who have been decided to undergo surgery are endometriosis cysts. One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is whether endometriosis cysts become cancerous or not. Assoc. Dr. Fatih Güçer answers the question:
5 Until 5 years ago, our response was that it didn't become cancerous. But now we know that endometriosis is likely to develop cancer in the ovaries in the future, albeit at a rate of 1-3 percent. ”

Another problem with endometriosis is infertility. So the more this cyst stops there, the more it destroys the tissue. The more the damage, the higher the bill for the patient.

The cause of endometriosis is unknown

Although many theories are mentioned for the formation of endometriosis cysts, the cause is not known exactly. Assoc. Dr. For this reason, Fatih Güçer reminds them that they should have their routine controls done every year because every woman is at risk. Assoc. Dr. Gucer explains that, beyond routine control, if the woman does not want children, they recommend birth control pills for protection in the reproductive age:

“The biggest gain of birth control pills is to prevent the formation of these cysts because they have stopped some functions in the ovary. Another advantage is that women who use birth control pills have a 40 percent reduction in ovarian cancer risk and 60 percent decrease in uterine cancer during menopause. And this rate increases in direct proportion to the duration of use. The possibility of ovarian cancer using the contraceptive pill is not completely reset, it only decreases. If the woman does not have a cyst, the risk of developing an endometriosis cyst is prevented by using a birth control pill. However, this does not prevent congenital cysts that will develop themselves. Therefore, a woman should not undergo routine examinations every year even if she takes birth control pills. ”