Children's milk teeth require care!

Children's milk teeth require care!

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Razlık noted that milk teeth are important in terms of aesthetics, biting, speech and eating functions and said, diş Tooth extraction should be the last treatment alternative during the milk tooth period. Early tooth extraction can change the period of permanent teeth and prevent them from settling correctly. After retaining the milk tooth, placeholder devices are recommended for the protection of the places where the teeth need to be continued. ”Sealant is a method applied to non-carious teethEce Razlık stated that the fissure sealers are a protective filling-like substance that prevents the caries from settling on the chewing surface of the tooth and provides information about the fissure sealers: Sealants are a reliable treatment method. It is generally preferred in children. Caries usually occur in hard-to-reach areas. Filling should be done after caries start. For this reason, sealants that form a barrier to decay are important. Children are the most suitable candidates for sealants. Because sealants are applied to non-carious teeth only. Ece Razlık said that sealant can be applied from the first first molar tooth at the age of 6-7 and said, “It is recommended to sealant the second big molar at the age of 12-14. Because the decay occurs quickly. In addition, it is never too late for the sealant unless there is a decay in the tooth. If the tooth decay process has begun then the filling should be done outside. Az he adds.Fluoride application can be made from 2,5 and 3 years oldAnother method that prevents dental caries is fluoride applications, indicating that Ece Razlık, starting from 2.5 and 3 years of fluorine applications can be done in the clinic environment, he says. This application may vary depending on the caries susceptibility to be changed every 6 months or once a year Razlık, in addition to all these dental caries should be consulted as soon as possible, he says.Toothpaste in children under 2 years of age can cause fluorosisRazlık records that almost all of the toothpastes have fluoride, but swallowing pastes may not cause full swallow control in children under 2 years of age, which may lead to fluorosis. Razlık says: m Excess fluoride does not harm the body, but it can cause fluorosis, which is an aesthetic problem in the teeth. Chalk-like appearance of teeth in mild fluorosis; in a more intense fluorosis, brown spots appear on the teeth. The most important source in the intake of fluoride is drinking water. If there is not enough fluoride in drinking water, fluoride medications should be given under the supervision of a doctor from 6 months. ”

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