Ways to strengthen the immune system

Ways to strengthen the immune system

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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Specialist in Child Health and Diseases Fazlı Yılmazer tells us what we can do to protect children against infections.

Underlining that childhood diseases, especially breastfeeding, and vaccines contribute to the development of the immune system. Dr. Infectious diseases are more common in childhood. Infection diseases decrease with the help of the immune system. As the immune system ages with aging, infections increase again. Immune system; poor nutrition, adverse environmental conditions, insomnia, excessive fatigue and stress with weakness. So if you want to protect your child from infections and strengthen your immunity;

• Get all vaccinations from the newborn.
• Have her hands wash regularly and frequently. Frequent handwashing is the most important protective mechanism to prevent many infectious diseases. Use hand disinfectant when hand washing is not possible.
• Ensure regular and balanced nutrition. Pay attention to the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat, also balanced in vitamin content.
• Make sure to consume plenty of fluids.
• Ensure adequate and regular sleep.
• Keep away from cigarette smoke.
• Do not reach into crowded places unless required.
• Keep away from sick persons and children.
• Dress according to the season.
• Make sure that he / she can exercise regularly and in accordance with his / her age. ' found in the description.

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