Effects of otitis media on tongue development

Effects of otitis media on tongue development

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Dr. Hakan Yenice, 3-year-old children almost all of them once experienced this problem, while the main problem in the middle ear where the fluid occurs in different periods, he said. KadıköyŞifa Ataşehir Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Hakan Yenice: işitme Hearing loss occurs due to the presence of fluid. Although there may vary depending on the situation, we may encounter significant hearing losses in the presence of fluid, which will prevent the child from hearing a large amount of speech sounds around him. ” Inflammation of the middle ear is most common during the development of the tongue!KadikoySifa Atasehir Hospital Audiology, Voice and Speech Disorders Specialist Irem Konakci, middle ear inflammation is the most common age at the same time, the development of language coincides with the fastest progress, emphasizing the words continued as follows: they also learn the rules of that language. In order for the language development and speaking skills to take an age-appropriate course, first of all, good hearing must be present. Through the hearing, the child learns that language and the rules of that language. In the case of inflammation of the middle ear, the child cannot have adequate hearing according to the degree of loss. The child is unable to receive a continuous sound, has difficulty in distinguishing between background sounds and meaningful sounds and has limited knowledge of language. Therefore, we encounter difficulties in the development of receptive language and expressive language skills. ”Audiologist, Voice and Speech Disorders Specialist İrem Konakçı stated that children who have difficulty in hearing certain speech sounds due to inflammation of the middle ear have problems in the production of that voice in later periods. , a long-term inflammation of the middle ear and / s / voice in this process, such as a high-frequency feature, such as a child who can not hear enough of the sound, this sound can produce different than it should be and may encounter an articulation problem, he said. Audiology, Sound and Speech Disorders Specialist İrem Konakçı: orta Therefore, otitis media should not be considered as an ear problem. It should be considered as an important problem that affects the child's language development, social adaptation, academic performance and may result in behavioral problems due to hearing impairment. ”Inflammation of the middle ear must be followed by a specialist!KadıköyŞifa Ataşehir Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Hakan Yenice, because of this reason middle ear inflammation must be followed by an otorhinolaryngologist and after the examination to be done by the audiologist to emphasize the assessment of hearing, possible language and speech problems to keep the minimum level, the child's medical or surgical intervention process and after both hearing, as well as language development should be closely monitored.

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