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Babies that cannot be separated from pacifiers

Babies that cannot be separated from pacifiers

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Orum I don't want to leave my pacifier !!! ”

Pacifier is a difficult habit to give up. Many parents don't know how to handle pacifier problems. German Children's Hospital Specialist for Child Health and Diseases Dicle Faith is sharing a known and unknown point with you.

: - Why does the baby need sucking?
Dr. Dicle Faith Babies have many reflexes from the moment of birth. Especially on the days following birth, the baby's strongest reflex is to suck. The suction movement is a great source of satisfaction for the baby. The pacifier satisfies their natural suction instinct. Therefore, the first act of a mother who is crying and unhappy with her baby is often to give a pacifier.

: - Is it right to give a baby a pacifier?
Dr. Dicle Faith This innocent movement may turn into addiction in the future and it is very difficult to discourage our children from pacifiers. There is no common decision in the medical world whether infants use pacifiers. The use of pacifiers that turn into addictions causes problems both physically and mentally in children.

: - What are the physical damages?
Dr. Dicle Faith Physically prolonged use of pacifiers can increase the risk of ear and upper respiratory infection, mouth and jaw disorders, dental caries, speech problems can cause.

: - When should the pacifier be left?
Dr. Dicle Faith Pacifier use should be discontinued at the age of 2 years at the latest. After the age of 2 years, the use of pacifiers and sucking habits continue to cause our children to grow up as mothers dependent, lacking self-confidence. The child uses the pacifier, which he has become addictive, to eliminate tension and fears.

: - What are the wrong behaviors of parents during pacifier use?
Dr. Dicle Faith In order to prevent such a habit, the point that parents should pay attention is that their babies do not see it as the only way to silence the pacifier when they are nervous, irritable and restless. In order to calm a crying restless baby, parents should look for appropriate behavior for their baby (for example: listening to music, humming songs, talking in front of the mirror while the baby is on the lap k). It is also a mistake for parents to dip their teats in sugar or honey to calm their children. Because with this movement, the baby's tooth enamel is damaged and tooth decay occurs. If the use of a pacifier is affected by the development of your child's teeth, if the speech has started to prevent development, social communication and development is blocked and can not express itself is definitely time to fight the pacifier.

: - What are the points that parents should pay attention to when they leave a pacifier?
Dr. Dicle Faith First of all, it is a situation that requires patience and attention. Parents should find a suitable time for this. First of all, the time for using the pacifier should be limited as much as possible and the child should be entertained by other things (ask him questions, sing him, give him a food he loves). Never put a pacifier in a prohibition. Especially in the two years of age when they begin to impose their independence, babies enjoy the emphasis on growing up. In addition, some small changes in the pacifier, deformations will prevent the baby from enjoying the pleasure of sucking as before. Feeding at regular intervals will reduce the baby's desire for pacifiers if he is not deprived of sleep. If your baby does not give up the pacifier in spite of all the precautions taken, do not be alarmed and stubborn. If your baby wants to suck in all circumstances and has negative social behavior, it is helpful to consult a specialist.

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