Beware of spring allergies!

Beware of spring allergies!

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Istanbul Medipol Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Contact Erdoğan directlyAllergic diseases often seen in the spring months, if not treated properly, said that if the weather is very variable due to microbial bronchitis, flu and flu infections, indicating that an increase in the spring season, this type of infectious diseases can show similarity with allergic diseases, he said. Kunter said that the drugs used in the treatment of infectious diseases are very different from allergic diseases and added: “Misdiagnosis can lead to unnecessary antibiotics and heavy drugs and cause the complaints to be prolonged and aggravated. Allergic diseases that are not treated properly may become chronic and become more difficult to treat. Therefore, it should be remembered that complaints such as stubborn cough, recurrent sneezes, runny nose or congestion, eye watering may be due to allergic causes, especially in spring season. are common “type 1” allergic reactions that are common in spring. According to the organ where this allergic reaction occurs, diseases such as asthma, allergic fever, allergic eye fever, urticaria occur. Some allergens are present all year round and may be caused by allergies at any time of the year. . Some allergens appear in certain seasons and cause diseases. The pollen of various trees, grass and grasses that emerged in spring is a good example of seasonal allergies. ”

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