What is kangaroo care for premature babies?

What is kangaroo care for premature babies?

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When mothers hold their babies in their first arms, they have a tiny pain in their hearts; there are a thousand kinds of worries in their minds, whether I can meet my child's needs or raise them correctly… For some mothers, the situation is even more difficult. Because the babies joined them as early as they did not expect; therefore, she had to be cared for in a special environment and the mother could not hold her long-awaited baby.

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Specialist Dr. We talked to Işılay Altıntaş.
When she learned that the mother would have a baby, she prepared herself for her child; Altintas said that he began to connect to the child he did not see but felt in; 'The communication between mother and baby starts with birth and gains a different dimension. With the birth, the nesting with the mother ends and the baby begins to realize its existence in the outside world. But this world is different from the world she knows in her womb. In order to exist in this world, his connection with life will be his mother who loves him for a long time. Because according to this new world to exist, arrangements such as respiration, nutrition, sleep are required. The energy needed to establish this balance derives from the emotional association of the relationship between mother and child. Feeding the child, correctly perceiving the signals from the child and meeting the child's needs in time strengthens the bond between mother and child. As the mother embraces with warmth; As the child's needs are co-ordinated, the child develops a sense of being loved and trusted, and the child will adapt to the outside world with the power he receives from his mother. The mother's sense of competence with motherhood is reinforced and her anxiety is gradually reduced as she cares. ' said.

This care and development process, which is valid for a baby born in normal time, should be carried to a different dimension in preterm babies. Premature birth is a threat for the mother, first and foremost, of losing her baby. The fear of losing her baby actually contains a lot of troubled thoughts about leaving the baby that she is emotionally bound and dreaming of during the entire pregnancy and perhaps not seeing her again. Unless the baby is in contact with the baby due to incubator care in premature babies, the worries of the mother increase and disaster scenarios begin. In this process, the baby as soon as possible and the longest time should be brought together with the mother's temperature Altintas, 'mother's heartbeat, mother's temperature, sound is what he knows best. Imagine that you are entering a completely foreign environment and that you have no knowledge of it. There is a familiar face that you see how valuable it will be. For the baby after birth, this face is more than vital, it is “vital”. Nurses working in the neonatal unit state that mothers are afraid of embracing and caring for them, fearing that they will harm their children. For this reason, it is very important for the team to support the mother and help her in her relationship with the child. Research has shown that the mother's physical contact with the baby is very important for the child's development. ' found in the description.

What is Kangaroo Care?

Ten-Skin Contact, also referred to as Kangaroo care; Işılay Altıntaş underlined that it is very beneficial for the establishment of mother-child relationship and especially for the development of the child especially in premature children; 'Kangaroo care is to ensure the mother's sensual contact with the baby by placing the child on the mother's chest in a quiet environment. First, it starts with half an hour and the time can be increased gradually. It can be applied to any infant who does not need breathing machine support in neonatal units in hospitals. Infants with oxygen need or nasal CPAP may also be suitable candidates. Kangaroo care has been shown to increase sleep time and reduce crying of premature infants. One of the most feared things in premature babies is the inability to regulate breathing and breathing. It was found that breathlessness was reduced fourfold with kangaroo care, and oxygen demand from the outside where breathing and heart sounds were regulated decreased by 50%. Heat regulation is another important issue in premature infants. Body contact shows that the mother is the best heat regulator. When the baby's body temperature drops, the mother's body temperature rises, or as the baby's body temperature rises; the mother lowers the body temperature and protects the baby. In another study, it was found that children who have skin contact with the mother for 50 minutes a day absorb 8 times more. With the skin contact, more milk is secreted and the child reaches the mother's breast more quickly. Premature infants receiving kangaroo care have been found to stay in hospital in half the time. From all these research results it is seen that the most important thing that connects the baby to life is the warm embrace and love of his mother. As a medical team, we should never forget the uniqueness of the support we will receive from her mother while linking the child to life. ' he said.

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