What to consider when choosing toys for your child!

What to consider when choosing toys for your child!

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Toys are important materials in children's worlds as well as materials that support their mental development. Therefore, when choosing toys for children to play, it is necessary not to make any kind of toy selection so that they can just linger. Remember that the toys you choose will support children's mental, even social and emotional development, so that children can have fun playing and improve themselves in many ways, remember.

Nowadays, choosing toys is both quite difficult and quite easy. Because a wide range of toys have been produced compared to the past, so it has become difficult for many people to choose, but on the other hand, when we look at the increasing variety of toys and quality options are also offered to families, this is a factor that makes it easier for families to choose.

One of the most important factors you should pay attention to during your choices is that your toy is suitable for your child's age and mental level. Also consider whether the kindergarten children will actively support their creativity or not, and decide accordingly. Computer games or complex board games (such as monopoly ...) are not appropriate for their age, so that children are passive during their play. prevent them.

What can you do?

• Try to get your children toys in line with their interests. If you can identify their interests well, they will have lots of fun and learn more with the toys you buy them. For example, your child loves to play with the ships, you will get him with different toy ship models you will increase your child's knowledge of the subject as well as nurture social and emotional development.

• Avoid buying too much toys for your child, as this may cause your child to become unsatisfied after a while, making him unhappy. Children don't care if toys are expensive or cheap, they learn this kind of understanding by motivating people around them. You should not teach him to choose according to the material, you should teach to choose according to the characteristics of the toy. For example, your child wants you to buy a very expensive toy plane (a flashy but not really airplane), but you prefer to buy another airplane (unpretentious but self-taking) that is really suitable for your child. Explain the situation to your child and try to explain to your child why the plane you prefer is more suitable for him.

• When choosing toys for your children, try to buy toys that will help them gain experience in life. For example, you will have the toys of different occupational groups and you will teach them different things and expand their imagination. For example, you can take workers' helmets and introduce them to a different work group and support their creativity.

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