How should anorexic children be fed?

How should anorexic children be fed?

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Reading University psychologists in the UK found that one-year-old babies who regularly show pictures of fruits and vegetables are very eager to taste these foods that are not part of their normal diet.

According to the news in the Daily Telegraph, the parents were given a book with photos of 4 foods, two of which were vegetables and two of which were fruits.

Two of them are foods known to children such as carrots and grapes, the other two vegetables and fruits such as radishes and leaching grown in China said.

Then the parents read this book to their children every day for two weeks.

At the end of this period, the children put fruit plates in front of the children with 4 vegetables, two of which were not included in the book. The children were more interested in the vegetables and fruits they had not tasted before if they had seen their photographs before.

Head of the study Houston We think showing kids photos of healthy foods can increase their desire to taste them, Carmel said Carmel Houston-Price.

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