Alternative camp knows no obstacles!

Alternative camp knows no obstacles!

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Alternative Camp, a work of the Alternative Life Association (AYDER), organizes camps that provide sports, holiday and education opportunities for people with disabilities and individuals from different needs. Ehir Alternative Camp is a non-profit, independent and voluntary non-governmental organization, N says Nehir Kuyurtar, the camp's campaign and project manager, and invites you to the camp.

: Can you briefly introduce Alternative Camp?
River Kuyurtar: Alternative Camp is a fully voluntary initiative aimed at building sports, education, holiday and integration infrastructure for people with disabilities and different needs. It is a model application aiming to create awareness and awareness in the society by contributing to the participation of groups in social life through the bridge established between different disability groups, different ages and genders, different cultures and languages.
Sports, holiday and education camps provided to disabled people free of charge in the sense of volunteerism in the existing facilities constitute the first step of the Alternative Camp project. Alternative Camp, a pioneering and exemplary model in national and international platforms, is a social transformation dynamic. It is an alternative civil initiative with the sustainability and self-sufficiency feature of the “working systems” model and projects implemented.

Alternative Camp is a non-profit, independent and voluntary NGO.

: Can you give us information about the camp's participant profile?
River Kuyurtar: The disabled and individuals from different needs groups form the main participant profile of the camp.

: Do you have an age limit for participants?
River Kuyurtar: No not.

: What are the conditions for participating in the camp as a participant?
River Kuyurtar: There are three different ways to participate in the camp.
Groups, associations, foundations, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers, special education centers or schools, social service units and so on. It is essential to apply and participate through institutions such as. Attention should be paid to the selection of participant groups from the same age ranges. (8-15, 16-26, 27-40, 40 and above) There is no discrimination between institutions, equal opportunities are provided by considering the camp periods. Among the participant groups, it is desirable to identify those in particular in need by the institution, and in special cases it is preferable to bring the instructors or assistants together in special cases where companion is required. The extra inclusion of family members, relatives and acquaintances varies according to the disability group.
Individual applicants to participate in the camp are encouraged to participate in non-governmental organizations appropriate to their disability. However, in cases where this is not possible, those who insist on individual application can be placed on a waiting list and given the opportunity to make a mixed group at an appropriate time in the camp. In exceptional cases, individuals thought to be beneficial for social rehabilitation may participate in a period corresponding to the same disability and age group.

International Participation
The camp attaches importance to international cooperation. It is the application area of ​​programs based on youth and disabled people, especially the European Union Youth Exchange Projects. Cultural change, integration, exchange of information and fund raising are the main expectations in international relations. The camp is transformed into an area of ​​application for multinational encounters by collaborating with civil society movements in different countries.

: Could you tell us about the volunteer profile of the camp?
River Kuyurtar: Volunteering is the main point of the Alternative Camp Project. With volunteering and camping organizations abroad, universities in general constitute an important percentage of volunteer resources. Between 2002 and 2005, Alternative Camp hosted 350 volunteers.
The volunteer profile included visually impaired, amputee, wheelchair addicts, quadraplegics, and friends with different levels of spasticity.

: What are the conditions for voluntarily joining the camp?
River Kuyurtar: First of all, people who want to be a volunteer can use the “Voluntary Work Form bulunan on our website.
They fill. In addition to this form, the applicant's CV and the letter of motivation are examined and a final decision is made for voluntary work within the authority of the camp manager. Applications from universities are also evaluated in a similar manner.

: How long can volunteers attend the camp? (Minimum / maximum)
River Kuyurtar: The minimum participation period for foreign volunteers is 1 month, the recommended time of the camp management is 2 months, but in special cases up to 6 months are possible.
participation period for the volunteers participating from Turkey, a minimum of 15 days is the maximum one month.

: What activities are the participants doing in the camps?
River Kuyurtar:
Alternative Camp swimming, snorkling, free diving, scuba diving, all water sports, water gymnastics, artificial climbing, beach volley, bocce, aerobic morning sports, basketball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, horse riding, mountain biking, outdoor activities such as all sports establishes sports infrastructure suitable for special needs groups in their fields. The athlete's spirit and wellness are the cornerstones of Alternative Camp. This understanding encourages to get rid of bad habits and to live with athletic discipline. It discovers talented individuals who may be clubs and Olympic athletes and connects them to appropriate clubs and organizations.

Social and cultural
In our camp, social activities such as theater, drama, dance, music, rhythm, painting, chess, ceramics, group games, team spirit studies, cultural trips are organized to accelerate integration.

Alternative Camp, which aims to increase the creativity, life skills, general culture of the participant groups with their active participation and productivity in the social life, paintings, music, dance, ceramics, gardening, environmentalism, computer, photography, hand skills, foreign language, basic health, first offers courses with or without certification, organizes presentations and workshops in the fields of help, healthy eating, personal development, direction finding, boating.

: Can people who have already joined the camp rejoin the camp?
River Kuyurtar: Yes of course.

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