Successful baby photographer: Murat Karakaş

Successful baby photographer: Murat Karakaş

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Photographing on baby and birth issues is very popular recently. A new name comes to the fore in his beautiful photos: View Murat's Full Profile E-Bebek is at Magic Park Photography Studio at Çamlıca Store successful Contact Murat directly We talked with her about her profession and baby photography.

1. How and when did you start the photography profession?

My interest in photography began in 2004 when I took a camera from a foreign friend and brought it into my first hand. We were chatting with our teas and he started to tell me about the features of the machine. I am listening too. Even though I don't know the terms, I'm trying to understand. Then I started to look at what you were shooting when talking about macro shooting. I liked it and I wanted to use it as a hobby. This hobby turned into disease as time passed. The disease has been a part of my life. I'm one of those lucky people with a hobby. 🙂

2.Why did you choose to work with babies?

Previously, I found myself among the babies while dealing with still life, promotional and fictional photographs. At first I thought it was very difficult, but now I think that there is a special bond with the babies that we can talk by looking at the babies are usually afraid of men because they all look at the eyes of a doctor, but in this way, we rarely find the solution. 🙂

3.Do you take concept photos?

I've always been passionate about natural moments and gestures rather than concept photographs. I can create the concept environment with a computer, but it is not possible to create the depth of naturalness and the gaze with a computer. I'm still trying to do what I can with the family. I'm running after natural frames with different things, but away from Photoshop. For example, I want your robe; we can wrap and wrap… When we shoot in the lights we can sign very nice frames. We can make fictions with many of his personal belongings.

4.Baby photos are usually taken by female photographers. Does being a man give you an advantage?

As you said about baby and birth, there are more female friends among those who have a photography profession. But to me, it's okay if he's a man or a woman. The important thing is that there is electricity between you and the family… This is definitely reflected in the shots. When you are a man, you feel close to the first father, but the father feels as far away as you. Posing, standing as I want, or making jokes and games to the crying child may require a bit of fathers. So before the shoot, we talk to the father for a little chat, some football, some music. I show examples. I'm trying to solve the music taste, according to him to create playlists and I seek different ways to relax himself.

5.What age group do you prefer to work with? Can you tell us about the difficulties of working with babies?

In fact, the younger he is, the more beautiful and easy it is for me. In that way, the poses we take are more natural, more attractive and more meaningful. Because there is no contradiction, there is no laughing with coercion, there is no crying as a result of persistence. I think the hardest age is one and two years, because the kids have the most active times and the most stubborn periods. 🙂 Only when the compulsion begins, there is a general problem that the baby becomes grumpy. In the absence of these, the act of calculating meal time and sleep times gives more positive results.

6. How many babies have you photographed so far?

I didn't count it, but I'm sure it's over 1,000. 🙂

7. How do you use materials as decor and accessories for shooting?

I use two separate areas for filming. The first one is that I take classic studio photos and sometimes we use the studio lights which we create certain fictions and the other we can use our playgrounds. I prefer the shots in the studio more in black and white and we perform more colorful works in the playgrounds.

8. How do families approach these shootings? Do they have special demands?

Families are usually excited in shooting, if it is their first photograph or first age photograph, it must be one of the first things to do. Uz We have a lot of fun in our filming together because we have taken the first step of a long friendship before filming.

9.What are your goals for your profession?

I love my job for now, I can not say whether it be like this, but let me say that I like to take photos of my favorite computer monitor after taking the emotion or pressure of looking at the monitor I love to look deeply. Exactly this gives me great pleasure and enthusiasm for work. As long as there are people who reflect their satisfaction, I broaden, repeat and renew the goals I set every day.


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