Rash in babies

Rash in babies

How does rash occur?
The increase in temperature with the effect of the sun causes babies to sweat more frequently in the summer months. This can result in rash skin disease. Sweat glands are also adversely affected in extreme hot weather conditions. Sweat gland ducts can become clogged and therefore rash may occur. Rash presenting as small red lesions; often neck, shoulder, as well as different parts of the body can be seen.

What are the causes of rash?
· Neglecting the hygiene of the baby, not washing enough
· Diseases resulting in fever
· Hot weather
· Thick dressing of the child
· Excessive sweating is one of the main causes of rash.

How to treat rash?
Mild rashes tend to pass spontaneously without treatment. In order to accelerate the healing process in such rashes, keeping the baby cool, having a warm shower and using a humidifier will be enough. However, if inflammation of the skin has occurred, mild cortisone creams may be administered under doctor supervision to alleviate itching in such advanced rashes. Travazol creams may also be used in such rashes.

How to take care of baby skin to prevent rash?
· In hot summer months, babies should be washed with warm water every day or every other day.
· Babies should be dressed with plenty and not too thick clothes instead of tight clothes.
· Baby clothes should be cotton and thin.
· If the baby is sweaty, it should be replaced immediately with a clean garment.
· In hot weather, baby's skin should be kept as cool as possible and sweating should be prevented.
· Intensive moisturizers should not be applied to the baby's skin frequently;
· Baby's bed covers should be cotton and non-sweaty fabrics.
· Babies should be washed with soap and shampoo suitable for sensitive baby skin.
· All baby's daily care products should be alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

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