Stress of parents also affects children

Stress of parents also affects children

Symptoms of children affected by parents' stress
Some changes may occur in the child affected by the stress of the parents. These changes may manifest themselves as introversion, sleep disturbances, eating problems, deterioration in friendship relationships, decreased self-confidence, and reduced willingness to participate in social activities. As a result, the child may experience irritability, moodiness and sudden nerve bursts. The child, who is affected by the stress of the parents, determines a lifestyle according to the movements and behaviors of the parents. The communication of young children with their friends at school is disrupted and is becoming more and more cranky. As the child is affected by stress, he does not take his parents' words into account and may lose confidence in himself and his family. The child who loses his / her confidence may refrain from participating in social activities and think that he / she cannot express himself / herself in the environment he / she enters. Due to the aggressive and cranky movements he exhibits due to stress, people around him can move away from him and cause the child to be left alone.

Child's mood is negatively affected
One or more stress factors under the influence of parents affect children who are members of the same family. When the stress factors directly affect the child, it is important to have timely and adequate intervention in the child. Otherwise, the duration and effect of stress can be more aggressive. Stress-related degree of child's personal characteristics and environmental conditions Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsenwarns parents to be careful. Knudsenstress factors; the return of the mother to work, the participation of a new individual in the family, financial difficulties, natural disasters, divorce, loss of first-degree relatives such as parents or being seriously ill, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse.

Ways to keep the child away from parental stress
Stating that it is possible to protect the child from stress under the influence of parents Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen, offers parents the following advice:
- If parents cannot control their current stress, they should seek support from an expert. Thus, the psychology of children as well as the parents' own psychology will be preserved.
- The stress of the family will contribute to the activities of the family including the child and spending time together.
- The school process of the child should be carefully monitored by the family and cooperation should be provided with the teachers if necessary.
- If a child's behavioral changes last longer, seek help from an expert.
- The child should be encouraged to participate in social activities in order to raise morale.

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