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Children's Museums

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Museums are one of the most important centers of settled societies, because societies can do best to preserve the remains of people who lived before them and not recognize new generations. For this reason, museums have existed in people's lives since the transition to settled life and tried to tell people history. Today, the concept of museology has been moved to quite different points in the world, and not only with the exhibition (promotion) concept, but with the understanding of keeping history alive.

In line with this understanding, museums were grouped in more detail and children's museums emerged. Children's museums are specially designed for children and aim to develop their imagination. Especially European countries give great importance to this issue and try to create children's museums. So why are children's museums so important to them? It is not wrong to make a statement based on the proverb that while the tree leans when it is alive, Europe thinks that these habits can be acquired in childhood so it is looking for ways to bring children to the museum, and at the end of this search finds toy museums.

Unfortunately, there are no children's museums in our country. View Sunay's Full Profile this year, it opens a toy museum on April 23 and aims to exhibit the toys it has collected so far, Association for the Establishment of Children's Museums conducting various studies on the subject, Sabanc─▒ Museum In the summer, it organizes summer courses for children. All of these studies are valuable studies within the scope of efforts to create children's museums. We hope this work continues, and children's museums in Turkey gains importance to consciousness.

The absence of children's museums in our country does not mean that children will not be deprived of museum culture, there are many museums in our country that have reached world standards, you can take your children to these museums and let them discover the mystery of history.

What can you do?

? Try to give your children the habit of going to the museum, visit the museum at regular intervals. If there are not many museums in the city you live in, try to visit museums in different cities during your holidays. This way, your child will understand the importance you give to museums, and he / she will have the habit of going to museums himself / herself.

? Do research with your child before going to the museum you are going to visit, during this research, do not bother your child too much, but be sure to find information that will trigger his interest.

? If you can go to the museum before, take a picture of some of the works exhibited inside the museum (most of them will not allow you to do this in museums, so take some of the promotional booklets or postcards sold in the museum for you), then cut some of them and prepare a paper for your child. ask them to find the works on the paper. This activity will not only make her visit the museum more enjoyable, but also actively inform her about the artifacts in the museum.

? Visit museums to support your child's interests, for example, your child is very keen on ships and other watercraft and is constantly playing with them, you can support this curiosity by taking him to the maritime museum.

? After a visit to the museum, be sure to pick up a postcard or anything from there, especially as young children will love to tell you something about the museum by showing someone what you have received.

? After your visit, talk to your child about the trip and ask him questions to make him think about the trip.

? Have your child talk about your trip, talk to people you care about, and encourage your child to tell that person.

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