Does your child grow up healthy?

Does your child grow up healthy?

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The adventure of rapid growth begins in the womb and continues until the end of puberty. Until the age of two, the growth in the baby continues at a marked rate, between the ages of 2 to 5 years in terms of growth is the slowest. In adolescence, the growth increases again and slows down again after puberty. Stating that there are many factors affecting growth from hereditary characteristics to environmental factors Anadolu Medical Center Child Health and Diseases and Medical Genetics Specialist Ela Tahmaz, growth monitoring plays an important role in predetermining many problems. Reminding that normal growth intervals may vary according to each age period and gender, Pediatric Health and Diseases and Medical Genetics Specialist. Ela Tahmaz underlines that these factors should be taken into consideration while discussing whether growth is healthy or not.

The growth of the baby in the mother's womb is particularly important in the first three months when the organs are formed. During this period, maternal nutrition, medication and environmental factors are among the factors affecting growth. The three most commonly observed parameters in the growth follow-up are; Weighing, height and head circumference as a measure of Dr. Dr. Ela Tahmaz, growth retardation in the womb first identified the problem and then the cause-oriented treatment is expressed.

La With birth, the baby's weight (weight), height and head circumference is absolutely measured, Dr. said Dr. Tahmaz emphasizes that the growth in the head circumference is one of the first consideration among healthy growth criteria in the first three years of life. Stating that the growth of babies should be monitored once a month. Maz Under normal circumstances, age, weight, height and head circumference are expected to develop in parallel, but an opposite situation may indicate a problem, Tah Tahmaz says.

Consider what the child wants in nutrition

Dr. Underlined that the nutrition of the child is important for the growth of the first two years. Maz If the child has any nutritional problems, it can affect his or her ultimate height and health, Tah says Tahmaz. “The biggest problem of families is that children between the ages of two and five cannot gain weight due to lack of appetite, Çocuk said Dr. Ela Tahmaz, taking into account the wishes of the child during this period, he says that it is necessary to create a feeding order.

Dr. Ela Tahmaz, 5 - 12 years of age in the school age children gain much more importance, he stresses. Length of the children, depending on the length of the parents are expected to extend depending on Dr. Ela Tahmaz lists environmental factors as the second factor affecting growth after genetic heritage. In adolescence, the females are 6-11 cm and the males 7-13 cm. stating that it can extend between. Ela Tahmaz said, özellikler One of the important features here is that although the growth attack in girls is seen in the first half of adolescence, it is the second half of adolescence in men. Therefore, boys have experienced a slightly longer growth period than girls. ”

Height formula

Stating that pediatricians use a simple formula when the child is two years old to calculate approximately how long the child will be. Ela Tahmaz explains the application of this formula as follows:

• For girls: (father size -13) + mother size / 2
• For men: (mother size +13) + father size / 2

Dr. Recommendations to parents from Ela Tahmaz:

• Ask your pediatrician to provide information about your child's growth.
• If you observe a problem in the growth process of children, discuss with your doctor the reasons and solutions for this.
• Pay attention to how long you change your children's clothing, such as shoes and trousers. For example, if a child wears the same pants for two years, remember that there may be a problem with his growth.
• Do not compare your children to other children without forgetting that normal has a wide distribution. But if there are obvious differences, do not hesitate to consult your physician.

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