IVF treatment

IVF treatment

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When should couples who have a regular sexual life but cannot have children consult a doctor?
In particular, if the prospective mother is under 35 years of age and has no history to prevent pregnancy, if the mother is over 35 years of age and has experienced problems that may prevent pregnancy in the previous years, she should consult a doctor after 6 months and start treatment.

To what age is IVF treatment applied?
IVF treatments can be applied up to the age of 45. However, after the age of 38-40, the success of the treatment decreases considerably.

What is IVF treatment?
The number of sperm obtained from the male patient is left around the designated egg and the sperm is intended to enter into the egg spontaneously to ensure fertilization.

What is microinjection?
Microinjection method is a method which is applied for the purpose of fertilization by injecting a single sperm into the egg.

For whom is microinjection and IVF treatment suitable?
It is a treatment method applied to couples who cannot get pregnant by natural methods and who cannot get pregnancy despite other auxiliary treatments.

What are the stages of IVF treatment?
IVF treatment consists of four stages: Stimulation of ovaries, Egg collection, Fertilization of eggs with sperm, Embryo transfer.

How does egg collection take place?
Egg collection is performed with the help of vaginal ultrasound and the patient is not exposed to any pain.

Does ovarian capacity decrease as a result of IVF treatments?
There is no reduction in ovarian capacity due to the methods used to stimulate the ovaries.

Does the fertilization take place in the resulting egg?
In order to ensure fertilization in the eggs, there must be a structural disorder and the eggs must reach a sufficient maturity. Not all eggs are suitable for fertilization. Not every egg that has been fertilized is a healthy embryo.

How is embryo transfer performed in IVF treatment?
Embryo transfer is extremely easy and painless. The embryos are transferred to the uterus with the help of a thin catheter and ultrasound guided from the mother's cervix.

Are the remaining embryos after embryo transfer used later?
Once the embryo transfer has taken place, if healthy embryos remain, they can be frozen and stored for further treatment.

How to choose embryos for IVF treatment?
The resulting embryos are selected for health transfer and are placed in the mother's womb.

Is it necessary to rest after embryo transfer?
The patient can return to normal life after resting for 1-2 hours after embryo transfer during IVF treatment.

How do pregnancies develop with the use of frozen embryos?
How pregnancy develops varies from IVF center to IVF.

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