Test tube and acupuncture

Test tube and acupuncture

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Why are acupuncture treatments considered in IVF treatments?Acupuncture, which is able to provide conditions for various diseases, is one of the alternative applications that should be tried in infertility treatment. Many patients with acupuncture, which have been brought up with more IVF treatments, have achieved good results. It is a fact that it increases success and provides treatment support. It both directs the patient in a positive sense and relaxes the body. Eliminates some of the factors causing infertility.How will the success of IVF treatments increase?With acupuncture, endorphin hormones increase and thus stress factor is eliminated. Especially patients who have longed for babies for long years and who had negative results in the first attempts at IVF treatment have highly impaired psychology. The acupuncture session, which can be taken about half an hour before the transfer of the embryo to the mother's womb, will relax the body and create good conditions for hosting. It is very important for IVF to be calm and happy.What is the context in the treatment of IVF with acupuncture?The most prominent risk factor of IVF treatment that has been on the agenda for years is; Lack of stress control and negative consequences for patients. Treatments should be carried out simultaneously if possible and the body should be relieved to be able to host the baby. Acupuncture treatment should be continued and contributed to the growth and development of the baby in the womb. Acupuncture makes a positive contribution to the mother's own health and psychology. Source: //

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