Adaptation to play and play group in children

Adaptation to play and play group in children

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Games and toys are the most important tools for children to learn life. The game group allows your child to explore, experiment and learn in healthy and safe conditions and develop new skills. Game groups process the socialization and learning process together. The goal is not to keep your child entertained during the socialization process, but to gain new skills and knowledge.

When our baby starts to move, it starts to perceive and react to the changes around it and it can actually join a game group. We protect our babies from illnesses, dress them, control their feeding and sleep patterns, and love them. But their socialization is not in the foreground for us. Such a need comes to mind for the first time when they grow a little more and crawl or even walk. If the weather is nice we go to the gardens and parks. We often meet relatives and neighbors who have the same peer child. We carry our children to the toys of fast food restaurants so that they can play a little bit and find their peers together. Our doctors recommend 3 or 4 years of age for any kind of preschool program. Yet today, scientists. they proved that the socialization process began with birth and that a child's brain worked 2.5 times more than an adult brain until the age of 3.

What is the best time for a game group? The 15-month limit we put on Playtime for our gaming groups is actually the period your baby walks away, leaving behind its crawling period. Your baby may reach this maturity a few months before or a few months later. The important thing is to be able to move easily in the game class. We should not forget the sleeping and eating patterns. Single sleep (only in the afternoon sleep) 2-2.5 hours of the program should be able to complete without getting tired, hungry.

As a mother and a member of a playgroup, you need to pay attention to the environment, activities and toys that are safe and sufficient for your child. Playgroup is a play-education program in which the child will participate with his or her mother or carer. The playgroup environment should be as satisfying for you as it is for your child. It is very important that the mother is in the game class and within sight. The frequency of the gathering of the game group will increase as your child grows. Twice a week is sufficient for children between 15-24 months.

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