Tent camp with child

Tent camp with child

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We realized that we had chosen under the plane tree in the garden of a grocery store for breakfast, but when my father and I lay down to play the plane snake. A minibus full of brothers parked at the entrance of the market and started listening to loud music and dancing. I wanted to run in their car. It was like a very old caravan, painted in fizzy paints, colorful, strange-looking with everything. One Evening came before Turkey. He called me "my love." He remembers the words hello and goodbye. I like this brunette brother who speaks Turkish as funny as me. They put me in that pile of colored cans. They put a hat on me. This hat was a pirate hat. They were proud to tell my father that they came from Holland with this vehicle. When my father showed us where our journey started and where we stretched and our bicycles in the distance, they laughed very much and congratulated us many times. We congratulated them, it was obvious that there was a traveler in them. We were on the road with the same spirit, even if the vehicles were different.

We gave our address to be in Turkey this evening. If they come one day, we will all laugh together as “my love beraber.

In order to get out of Bratislava, we walked around this not-so-small city by passing trams and competing with bellows buses. Again I don't know what instincts dragged us into a street, and when my father was standing in a place to catch our trams and biscuits on the same square, we also saw that the store behind us was a toy player.

This was the first moment of a small miracle for me. We were actually moving towards Bratislava castle, but now I had the opportunity to conquer a toy store. We went inside and started looking at everything. I wanted to buy more toys than our bikes could carry. When I saw the same little bikini I was riding in Vienna at the back of the store, I flew over it like a cowboy jumped on his horse. I was no longer interested in any other toys. My father paid me to give it to the sister in the safe. Before it came to us, I threw the money next to the safe and quickly ran out. My mother was surprised to be out at the beginning of our bikes and for a moment when I went out with the same bikini in Vienna. Who hires me now. My joy spread all over the street, and I drove in all directions. I walked around this street just off the car pass because it is a tram way. Vavi (blue) Bisim would come with us after hanging in my glazed mansion. Bisim and I would be together at every break during the day.

During our lunch break, I enjoyed my time in a tiny chair suitable for my height. Before I landed, I chased the gasoline dog with it. I wanted to put the little chair behind my trailer, but it wasn't for sale. We bought a slice of watermelon from a watermelon we saw on the road today. My mother, who bought olive oil and some vegetables from the same grocery store, prepared a surprise for us in the evening.

Then we went on. In Slovakia, there were also bicycle paths on the embankments leading to the river. But the iron that was put so that the cars would not enter these roads was so narrow that my two-wheeled glazed mansion could not pass through them. When we say that one of these iron barriers is two and we realize that dozens or even hundreds of them are on our way, we cannot reach our target today. Because in every obstacle I had to separate my trailer from the bike, lower me in the very narrow ones and lift one wheel of the trailer to pass over the obstacle. This meant more breaks for me and I liked it very much, but ours had already started to miss Germany's bicycle paths.

As the weather started to go dark and there were no camping and lodgings nearby, as a single remedy, we got permission to set up a tent on the lawn opposite his house, in agreement with aunt who couldn't use a single word of common language. This would be our first tent penny outside a campsite. When the aunt took water for the night, we didn't need any more. It was very funny when my father tried to describe the water again, not with words, but with hand and arm signs.

We did not neglect to send the coordinates we were in with Halil evening dresses just in case. As ours say, “measure is good, more measures are better”. When my mother started to peel and roast the vegetables, and the onions were pink, my father was curious. Then when the bulgur was placed in the pot, the last surprise of the day appeared. Even under these conditions, my mother had always spread her wonderful bulgur rice with vegetables and fresh yoghurt as a feast. Then the mats became swollen, ventilated to keep the sleeping bags warm, all the bags were taken to the luggage section of the tent, while things were going on, I took my blue and went to the land of dreams again with my pacifier.

I never woke up when my mom shook the droplets of water accumulated on the tent in between, and my father went out and watched around. Our parents had short "fox sleeps" in the morning because we were out in the open. I slept comfortably, like my toy polar bear Knut, who had been with us since the beginning of our journey, as if he was hibernating.

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