Tonsil problems and high fever in children

Tonsil problems and high fever in children

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Leukemia, which is known as blood cancer among the people, sometimes gives symptoms with some simple complaints, but these symptoms can be omitted because they are mixed with other diseases. Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Hematology Specialist Şebnem İzmir Güner; He says that once a 'relentless disease', even leukemia, which is the subject of even Turkish films, is now achieving serious success with new methods. However, the disease should be vigilant against the symptoms of Hematology Specialist Dr. emphasizes. Day; He gave information and warnings about leukemia: • Leukemia, blood cancer, is no longer relentless due to new treatment methods. There are constantly new developments in this area. Especially thanks to the new drugs are very serious success. Most of these drugs affect only that diseased cell. In other words, treatments are made with purely targeted and smart drugs.
• Leukemia treatment is no longer necessary to go abroad. In Turkey there are all kinds of all kinds of drugs and treatment methods. In the past, the drug may not come, but no longer such a problem. All kinds of medication comes, the number of beds is enough. 80 percent of the treatment results are successful.Not relentless, healable disease!• Another reason for the success of leukemia treatment is the increase in the number of hematologists. In addition, leukemia has been a disease that can be cured by the state's importance in the treatment of this disease and the increase in the number of beds and bone marrow centers.
• However, despite such advances in treatment methods, sometimes skipping very small details can unfortunately waste time for us in the treatment of leukemia. In particular, not being alert enough to the symptoms of the disease, bypassing these signals can cause serious trouble for us. • The most important reason for skipping leukemia symptoms is that the complaints are the same as many other simple diseases. The simple but in fact extremely important symptoms of leukemia that can be missed can be listed as follows: The patient may experience weakness and fever. It can also be a symptom with a very common sore throat. Tonsillitis in patients with tonsils in the throat; If tonsils are taken, there may also be pharyngitis or sinusitis.
• Unfortunately, such complaints can be missed because there are many other diseases. The patient feels a severe weakness, but 'I worked very intensively at this time, I did not take good care of myself so I'm fatigue' he says and does not go to the doctor. Or he goes to the doctor, but the doctor says, 'You've got the flu, take these.' In the same way, sore throat is very often seen in winter, and is not considered as a natural condition and is perceived as a natural condition.You can save your life with a simple blood count• However, these complaints can be symptoms of leukemia and if such a situation can occur with a very simple blood count. If there is no response to the treatment given, if the fever does not fall, the sore throat does not resolve, the tonsils are swollen and not descending, if there are infections that do not pass; blood count must be checked. It should not be forgotten that antibiotic treatment should normally take effect within 48-72 hours and both the patient and the physician should be awake. If these complaints do not improve, a blood count should be requested. Because a small blood test can save lives!
• Other symptoms of leukemia; bruises in the body without hitting, bleeding from the genital area (rectal, rectal, nasal). These symptoms are not immediately overlooked because they immediately bring to mind a serious illness; the patient goes to a physician immediately, and the physician does all the necessary tests and tests.A drop of blood tells a lot• In addition to being alert to symptoms, having a check up twice a year in leukemia can be life-saving, as in all other diseases. Cancers such as lymphoma or leukemia may occur with a small blood count. In a small blood count; From cholesterol to hemoglobin, from diabetes to cancer markers, you can learn a lot about your health. A blood test can provide a lot of information about a person's health. You can draw your roadmap for a healthy life with this simple blood count and determine the precautions you should take before it is too late.

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