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Direct your baby's development

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The development of intelligence of babies starts in the womb. Especially 1-3. nutrition during the period between the months is very important. Vitamins and minerals such as iron, folic acid, iodine, zinc, vitamin B, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids must be supplied from the necessary nutritional sources for the healthy physiological and intelligence development of the baby.

Weight gain is between 16-24 weeks at mostThe total weight to be taken during pregnancy is approximately 12-15 kg. Since the first months are spent with nausea and vomiting, weight can be lost. As of the 16th week, these symptoms disappear and mothers are attacking the food in order to relieve the pain of these difficult three months. And the fast weight gain process is beginning. Contrary to popular belief, the most weight gaining period is between 16-24 weeks and not last months. The ideal weight gain in the first 12 weeks before pregnancy to stay constant weight, the following months is to gain an average of 1.5 -2 pounds.
Eating late causes digestive problemsMeals during pregnancy should be done without skipping as 3 main and 3 intermediate meals. When breakfast is made late, all meals will be suspended, so it will be necessary to eat late in the evening. This will lead to digestive problems and excessive weight gain. Main meal is not recommended after 6pm; however, snacks can be consumed.
Snacks with fresh fruit 2 hours after a mealFor breakfast, one or two cups of tea or a glass of milk is not very brewed with cheese, an egg (or yolk), a teaspoon of honey or jam, 2-3 slices of whole or whole grain bread, plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mint or parsley should be consumed in green peppers. Freshly squeezed juice is not recommended because it is very calorie and raises blood sugar very quickly. Consuming the fruit in its squeezed form is highly beneficial in preventing constipation as it will increase bowel movements through the fibers it contains. Fruit grains should be consumed 2 hours after meals as snacks. It should not be eaten immediately after meals; because fructose, which is fruit sugar, primarily uses the body, the food consumed in food wants to store as fat.
Stay away from tuna, consume nuts peanuts and walnuts For lunch, vegetables must be consumed, if pasta or rice is to be eaten, bread should never be eaten. Meat or fish should be consumed in the form of grills or steamed in the oven, not fried in oil. Fish should be consumed at least once a week, if not renewed nuts, peanuts, walnuts containing omega 3 should be consumed as a handful of nuts. These nutrients have important benefits to the development of intelligence of the baby during pregnancy. Canned tuna is not recommended because of its high content of mercury as deep sea fish.
Do not rely on the pressures of canlı You are two living creatures iki During pregnancy, solid and liquid foods should be extremely careful. Low gas content, light and vegetable-weighted foods should be preferred. It should be paid attention that the desserts that are eaten after the meal are preferably less sugary milk desserts after 1 hour after the meal and oily, sherbet and chocolate desserts should be avoided. Chocolate and its products are rich in caffeine and have a high sugar content.
Adequate water consumption protects from urinary tract infectionConsuming plenty of water is the most beneficial action in pregnancy. Drinking 10 glasses of water per day reduces the risk of increased urinary tract infection during pregnancy. Reduces weight gain. Acidic, painted drinks should be avoided during pregnancy. Since coffee has a high caffeine content, it should not exceed two cups once a week. Plain mineral water and some herbal teas (linden, mint, rosehip, chamomile, mint, lemon) is safe to drink. Be careful not to eat salads where you do not trust the cleanliness
Salad, raw meatballs, raw salami, sausage, sausage and offal are not recommended in restaurants outside the home. It is recommended that mothers should consume yoghurts made from milk as much as possible in their homes, well-washed vegetables in vinegar water, and their meals under hygienic conditions.

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