Smear test saves lives!

Smear test saves lives!

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What is a Pap Smear Test (Smear)? What is it used for? The Pap smear test (smear or cervical cytology screening in medical language) is a simple test that detects abnormal cells in the cervix. It is not the same as pelvic examination. Pap smear allows the early detection and treatment of abnormal cells in the cervix before they become cancerous. If the presence of abnormal cells in a test is overlooked and cannot be detected, it may occur on your next test.How to perform Pap smear test?The smear test is very simple and quick. (not even a minute) The woman is in a gynecological examination position and the upper part of the vagina and cervix is ​​examined with the help of a device called a speculum. Some cells are removed from the cervix with a smear brush. The collected cells are put in a special liquid and sent to the laboratory. It is placed on a glass and examined under a microscope to see if there are any abnormal cells in the cell sample. Today, this examination is done with the help of computer.How often should smear test be performed from age?You should start taking a smear test at the age of 21 and have it regularly once a year.What risk factors are effective on abnormal smear testing?Risk factors include having a woman sexually active, having multiple partners, and having abnormal cells detected in previous smear tests.Could the result of the smear test be wrong?Like all laboratory tests, the result of a smear test may not always be accurate. There are several factors that cause the test to be inaccurate: -There are not enough cells in the sample -There are not enough cells to be examined -Infection or blood in the sample taken -Vaginal drugs are washed or vaginal drugs usedWhat if my smear test is abnormal?If your smear test results are abnormal, you will probably need additional tests. This additional test can be repeated after 4 and 6 months, smear test, human papillomavirus (HPV) typing or a more detailed examination, colposcopy (with or without biopsy). If pre-cancerous changes are detected in additional investigations, abnormal cells may need to be removed.

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