Increase your chances of in vitro fertilization with proper nutrition!

Increase your chances of in vitro fertilization with proper nutrition!

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Eurofertil Medical Director Hakan Özörnek, “Thickness of the waist circumference of people reveals whether they have the ideal weight. Women who have a waist circumference of 88, and men who are thicker than 102 cm are overweight, these people before starting the IVF treatment with special diets to lose weight, we provide treatment to start. Proper nutrition is one of the factors affecting the chances of successful IVF treatment. Before the treatment of couples, taking into account the diseases in the family-specific nutrition programs, positive effects on IVF treatment. Especially in the family of heart disease, diabetes, rheumatic diseases and immune problems of people with blood sugar will not increase quickly by gaining the right nutrition habits, increasing the success rate in IVF treatment, he said. Özornek said, “Proper nutrition programs increase the chances of pregnancy and help both the pregnancy process and delivery go smoothly. Thus, it increases the chance of having a healthy baby. ”
Weight affects the number of spermOverweight, which negatively affects human health, creates different problems for men and women among couples who want to have babies. Stating that excess weight has negative effects on sperm motility in men. Özörnek, "before the pregnancy of men who lose weight while fertilization ability of sperm increases, the number of sperm is seen to have a positive effect on mobility," he said.
Pregnancy chance of woman losing weight is increasingWomen's menstrual irregularity, hair growth, hair loss, acne and ovulation irregularities, such as problems arise due to excess weight. Dr. Hakan Özörnek stated that women who have excess weight have a higher chance of ovulation when they reach a healthy weight without conception, and said: It happens. We also observe that weight loss has a positive effect on reducing the risks of high blood pressure, high sugar, preterm birth and miscarriage during pregnancy. ”
Customized diet Explaining that they gave a weighted list to the overweight couples who came to their clinics for IVF treatment, according to the results of some examinations as well as family diseases. Özörnek concluded his words as follows: beslenme The nutrition lists we have created for our couples who apply to us with their excess weight are not only applied before the treatment. Our couples continue these lists until they embrace their babies. This healthy diet also reduces the risk of expectant mothers being exposed to diseases during pregnancy. ”

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