Improve your child's imagination

Improve your child's imagination

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Once upon a time. Once upon a time, in the straw aman

We all remember this introductory sentence. We knew this sentence before we could read or write. In our childhood, a lot of fairy tales told or read to us started with this sentence and continued with a different adventure. How nice it was to listen to a tale or wait curiously for the end of the story. To follow the endless adventure of imagination Hay

I'm sure many of you have common views with me and believe in the importance of the magical world in books. As parents, it is one of the most important tasks for you to make children discover this magical world.

We know that children do not study reading until the age of seven, but this does not mean that they do not meet the book until the age of seven. You need to read them and introduce them to the world with the help of these books. Experts certainly agree with this view and remind parents of the fact that it is never too early to read books.

The benefits of reading to children:

Children's creativity develops and their imagination becomes rich.

Children have advanced vocabulary.

They are more comfortable in grammar learning than other children in the period when they go to primary school. Because they will recognize different sentence constructions and have the opportunity to recognize letters visually many times.

Children who learn different information from books learn to live by adapting this information to their lives.

Children enjoy reading books, so they are more likely to read books in their older years.

The benefit of reading is expressed in numbers:

Researchers state that there is no age limit to reading books for children, and the earlier they start, the more effective developmental outcomes will be achieved. According to a mathematical inference;

If you read your child for 30 minutes a day… when your child is 5 years old, he will listen to 900 hours of reading.

If you read your child 30 minutes a week… your child will have heard 130 hours of reading by the age of 5

If you read to your child less than 30 minutes a week unuz your child will have heard 60 hours of reading by the age of 5.

The choice is of course yours. But you should remember that there will be significant differences between a child who has read 900 hours of reading and a child who has read books for 60 hours or less, both in terms of mental development and knowledge capacity !!!

Advice to parents:

? Start by yourself and try to get it if you don't have the habit of reading. If you are one of those who say orum I can't read because I don't have time edin, accept the fact that this is not a valid excuse and try to make time to read.

• When reading books to children, be sure to choose books that match their age and interests. It will be more enjoyable and educational for children to listen to something they are interested in. Children who have reached the age of speech convey what they are interested in both verbally and in various expressions. Therefore, for infants, experts recommend reading books containing nursery rhymes or mania.

Görsel Visual wealth is very important for children of all age groups, when choosing books, consider whether visual elements exist or to what extent, and make your choice for the richest visual content books.

Try to create a wealth of books in your home to tell children the importance of reading. Discovering your child's books in a home with plenty of reading materials will not be difficult. Of course, remember that young children will discover books by tearing and scribbling.

Try to find yourself a comfortable corner in your home while reading books to your child. Children enjoy reading the books in the more comfortable environment they read. For example, a corner with soft pillows and a well-lit corner can be very suitable for your child to read.

Take your child to bookstores and libraries. The books they find there will interest them and increase their interest in reading.

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