Healthy life for healthy babies

Healthy life for healthy babies

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You've decided to have a baby! There are many points you need to be aware of for this very important decision of your life. Most important; To have a healthy pregnancy and to have a healthy baby you have a correctly arranged nutrition program. Ideally, your nutritional status should be at least 3 months-1 year before pregnancy. German Hospital IVF Center Family Physician and Nutrition Consultant Murat Berksoy 'a We asked our questions about the importance of nutrition before and during pregnancy.

Does excess weight matter before pregnancy?

Excess weight before pregnancy, primarily makes it difficult for the expectant mother to conceive. The risk of heart, diabetes and obesity arises in the womb. If the mother feeds poorly, her baby becomes a candidate for these diseases later in life, even in adulthood. It is known that children of overweight mothers carry a high risk for heart disease or diabetes. Women who are overweight give birth to large babies. This is the cause of traumatic birth for the baby and mother, requiring delivery by forceps or caesarean section. Overweight women have more difficulty in getting pregnant, miscarriage, pregnancy poisoning, high blood pressure, diabetes, coagulation disorders and heart problems, preterm birth, low birth weight baby.

What can lead to unbalanced nutrition before pregnancy?

Unbalanced nutrition before pregnancy brings birth risks for the mother and causes pregnancy poisoning and maternal deaths. Babies, on the other hand, lead to physical and mental retardation, a significant increase in the risk of illness and stillbirth. Overweight women are more difficult to conceive with the above problems. In order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, not having difficulties in pregnancy and being comfortable after pregnancy, she should lose weight.

What is the ideal weight in pregnancy? How much weight is ideal for a mother-to-be?

For a pregnant; Regardless of body mass index, what is important is the ideas and suggestions of the doctor following the pregnancy. The ideal weight of each pregnant woman is different. A formula used to determine the limits of obesity is “Body Mass Index (BMI).. Calculated by the ratio of weight in meters to neck squares. For example; The BMI of a patient who was 170 cm tall and weighed 70 kg was = 70 / 1.72 = 24.2. BMI; People between 19 and 25 are normally overweight. 25-30 fish meat or bulk, 30-40 between the fat and more than 40 is expressed as a condition of obesity suitable for the emergence of some diseases. Obesity is also considered when the waist circumference exceeds 88 cm in women or the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference is more than 0.8 in women. It helps us to understand where the fat tissue accumulates in the body. If adipose tissue accumulates in the abdomen and therefore around the internal organs, then the incidence of some additional diseases that are likely to occur due to excess weight increases in that fat person. High blood pressure during pregnancy, diabetes, the possibility of blockage in the heart and cerebral vessels, non-fat or fat and fat tissue outside the abdomen (such as legs, arms, etc.) is much more than those who accumulate.

How to achieve the ideal weight during pregnancy?

The ideal weight gain during pregnancy depends on weight and age before pregnancy. It is appropriate for overweight women to get less during pregnancy and for weak women to take more. No pregnant woman should attempt to lose weight during this process, regardless of her pre-pregnancy weight. Body mass index is between 20-25, 11-14 pounds during pregnancy is ideal to have gained. Weight gain in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy can be very slow. Even if you have nausea and vomiting, it is normal to lose a few pounds. If the pre-pregnancy body mass index is below 20, it can gain 14-18 kg during pregnancy. If the body mass index is between 26-29, then the whole pregnancy should gain 6-10 pounds before being pregnant. If the body mass index is greater than 29, it should not weigh more than 7-8 kg during the entire pregnancy. After 12 weeks, taking 300-600 grams per week according to the body mass index will provide a comfortable pregnancy.

Is weakness a problem for pregnancy?

Too much weakness jeopardizes the chance of a successful pregnancy. Healthy weight is important to the person's ideal weight. The ideal weight is not the standard for everyone. Consult your doctor for ideal weight before becoming pregnant. Weight changes should not be sudden, should be distributed to a suitable time.

What nutrients should mothers receive?

• Green leafy vegetables, nuts, almonds and legumes
• For bone development; calcium-enriched yogurt, milk,
• Nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits
• Sunlight
• Folic acid tablets
• They should consume plenty of water

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