Tip (12-36 months)

Tip (12-36 months)

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A few tips from Playskool to mothers that make life easier (12-36 MONTH)
My baby's grown!

Your baby has grown so quickly that… The little mischievous walks, speaks and speaks and tries to discover everything.

Here are a few tips from Playskool that make life easier for your baby between 12-36 months;

• For your baby to be able to walk easily, make sure that the skin supporting the heel of the first walking shoes is slightly stiff and the sole is flexible.

• Using two syllable words to teach your baby to speak increases its success!

• During these months, your baby is very active! If you want to change gold easily;

• Leave the game and wait for it to step aside.
• A few minutes before you change the diaper, notify the diaper.
• Before laying her on her back, give her a toy that you are sure will get her attention.

• When you go to the store with your baby, give her a small basket. You can help him imitate you or prevent him from distributing the shelves by moving a small, lightweight package to him.

• Your child learns patterns of behavior by imitating you. His favorite game is yardım Help the mother ”. Give her a toy house and make sure she has a nice and useful time.

• Introduce your baby to other babies. From time to time leave alone for a short time with people he doesn't know. So you just stop being dependent on you.

• Prevent her from being cranky by telling her five minutes in advance that her bed or meal time is due.

• Try to explain the reasons for your prohibitions in a language that he or she can understand as much as possible. So help make it easier to comply with prohibitions.

• It is the best tool to learn pictures, colors and textures. Accelerate the learning process with peace of mind by giving him thick brushes and protecting his clothes with aprons.

• If you do not want to wake up early on Sunday mornings, place a new toy next to your baby's bed. So enjoy an extra hour of sleep.

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