How is baby massage done and what are the benefits?

How is baby massage done and what are the benefits?

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You can massage your baby every day after eating half an hour or after a bath. Make sure that the temperature of the room where you will massage is 22 - 24 degrees. Keep in mind that the massager should remove all jewelry from the hands and fingers of the watch bracelet.

Prepare your massage oil, do not leave your baby alone during the massage.

How to massage?

1-)For newborns, massage should be done for five minutes, which can then be extended to twenty minutes over time.

2-)If the baby is less than 4 weeks, the massage should be short and gentle caresses. In the meantime, you should follow your baby's reactions.

3-)If your baby's belly has not yet fallen, only the lower part of the belly should be massaged from the center to the sides.

4-)If your baby is uncomfortable with massage, massage should not be done.

5-)The massage should start with feather light caresses and your baby should increase the pressure slowly as needed…

Physical effects of massage

1-)Baby massage stimulates heart function and blood circulation.

2-)Accelerates respiration.

3-)Increases blood flow to the skin and especially to the muscles.

4-)Massage that stimulates the digestion prevents the gas and helps the baby relax.

5-)Makes sleep easier and makes the baby more calm and peaceful

6-)It stimulates the lymph system and thus supports the immune system.

Psychological effects of massage

1-)It recreates the feeling of intimacy your baby is accustomed to.

2-)Because it nurtures the instinctive sense of trust, it makes the baby feel loved and forms a secure bond between you and your baby.

3-)It allows parents to develop self-confidence in baby care.

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